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Calling all ladies in film

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I just watched THE PUNK SINGER and I’ve been having a ton of feelings about the role of women in film bubbling below the surface for quite some time, tonight something finally clicked and hearing Kathleen Hanna tell the story of how one of the first Riot Grrl meetings was just a place for girls to talk. I want to do something similar for all the ladies in film. Here is what I’m proposing: I want to have a meeting for any girls and women who are involved or interested in film to talk, you don’t have to be a director or writer. I want to talk with DPs, editors, critics, programmers, fans, any girl who has an interest in film and wants to see more females involved in it. It’s just a seed of an idea at this point but I want this to grow into something amazing and helpful.

How do we do this? How many more of you are out there? I won’t know until we find each other. I’m in L.A. and it seems like the natural place for something like this to happen. Do you know some like-minded ladies? Can you help spread the word? Maybe you have a space or know someone who does? There are tons of ways we can all come together and make this happen but we’ve got to find each other first. So leave a comment below and tell me who you are. Don’t forget to include your email (it won’t be published publicly) so I can reach out when I have something concrete locked down.

Let’s do this ladies!!!


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