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Chocolate Cookie Butter King Cake

01.07.17 / one comment

Yesterday was the official start of the Mardi Gras season in New Orleans and we decided to make a king cake. While gathering supplies at the store, we decided to experiment and fill the king cake with Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie and Cocoa Swirl spread. The results were pretty delicious and as a result, I’ve […]

Vegan King Cake 2.0

03.03.14 / 4 comments

Happy Lundi Gras! Yesterday, Scott and I spent nearly all day making king cakes and decided to revise our recipe a bit in trying to recreate a Randazzo’s king cake. Everyone in New Orleans has different opinions on which bakery makes the best king cake but Scott and I agree that Randazzo’s is our favorite. We had already […]

Fall Catch Up

12.23.13 / one comment

Here are some highlights from the past two months. Halloween Movie Massacre 666 Shawn and Alix threw their 6th Halloween movie marathon in October, where we watched movies and consumed massive amounts of vegan food for 24 hours. I made Isa’s cashew queso, pumpkin spice mini donuts and mini crunch bars with peanut butter shell drizzle. […]

Kitchen Wishlist Items

09.20.13 / 5 comments

This week’s top 5 are the items on my wish-list for the kitchen. I’ve survived for a long time without them so I guess I really don’t NEED them but I feel like each of these items will make my life easier and my food taste better (that’s how kitchen appliances work, right?) 1. Zojirushi […]

Red Beans and Rice

09.17.13 / 3 comments

One of my favorite foods is Red Beans and Rice. Growing up in New Orleans, I was not a huge fan of a lot of the traditional cuisine (and that was before I went Vegan) but Red Beans and Rice was always my favorite. I could probably eat this every day of the week and […]

Jackfruit BBQ

09.12.13 / 2 comments

Last night was my first night attempting to make jackfruit BBQ the results were delicious even if we just ate a big plate of brown. My initial plan was to make a more elaborate bowl with a bunch of veggies, sweet potatoes, beans and jackfruit BBQ, but I ended up getting home late and went […]

I’m a Former Salad Hater

09.10.13 / 5 comments

Just about everyday I eat a salad at work. This may seem like a perfectly normal thing to eat for lunch but until I moved to Los Angeles, I hated salad and refused to eat it. I can’t remember exactly why I was so averse to eating salads, it probably had something to do with […]

My Favorite Cookbooks + a giveaway!

09.06.13 / 10 comments

Every Friday during MoFo I’ll be doing Top 5 Fridays, where I will share 5 Vegan items that I like a bunch. I figured the great place to start would be with cookbooks, I use them all the time because frankly following someone else’s recipe is way easier than trying to figure out my own. […]