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Kitchen Wishlist Items

09.20.13 / 5 comments

This week’s top 5 are the items on my wish-list for the kitchen. I’ve survived for a long time without them so I guess I really don’t NEED them but I feel like each of these items will make my life easier and my food taste better (that’s how kitchen appliances work, right?) 1. Zojirushi […]

VeganMoFo Blog Love

09.18.13 / 4 comments

This week has been a bit more hectic at work so I haven’t been able to do much recipe blogging but I’ve been making some recipes that I found on other VeganMoFo blogs. MoFo has been great at introducing me to some new (to me) blogs and I have loved seeing some of the amazing […]

Red Beans and Rice

09.17.13 / 3 comments

One of my favorite foods is Red Beans and Rice. Growing up in New Orleans, I was not a huge fan of a lot of the traditional cuisine (and that was before I went Vegan) but Red Beans and Rice was always my favorite. I could probably eat this every day of the week and […]

Cruelty-Free Products I Love

09.13.13 / 4 comments

It’s Top 5 Friday! Today I am building off an earlier post about living a vegan lifestyle, and sharing 5 more cruelty-free products that I’m pretty excited about: 1. Schmidt’s Deodorant in Bergamot + Lime – if you’ve been following along for MoFo you will know I just scored some of this two weeks ago […]

Jackfruit BBQ

09.12.13 / 2 comments

Last night was my first night attempting to make jackfruit BBQ the results were delicious even if we just ate a big plate of brown. My initial plan was to make a more elaborate bowl with a bunch of veggies, sweet potatoes, beans and jackfruit BBQ, but I ended up getting home late and went […]

I’m a Former Salad Hater

09.10.13 / 5 comments

Just about everyday I eat a salad at work. This may seem like a perfectly normal thing to eat for lunch but until I moved to Los Angeles, I hated salad and refused to eat it. I can’t remember exactly why I was so averse to eating salads, it probably had something to do with […]

My Favorite Cookbooks + a giveaway!

09.06.13 / 10 comments

Every Friday during MoFo I’ll be doing Top 5 Fridays, where I will share 5 Vegan items that I like a bunch. I figured the great place to start would be with cookbooks, I use them all the time because frankly following someone else’s recipe is way easier than trying to figure out my own. […]

Viva La Vegan Grocery Review

09.04.13 / 4 comments

Scott and I spent the horrible L.A. heat wave this weekend in a car with no AC driving to Viva La Vegan Grocery┬áin Rancho Cucamonga. It was worth braving the heat because I was on a mission to stock up on more soy curls and check out what new products they had in stock. We […]