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Work is a four letter word

09.18.14 / no comments

My friend Shane, turned 35 today and quit his job. He posted about it on his website. When I read it, it made me think about my job change from earlier this year. I haven’t written about it but it seems like maybe now is a good time to share. In May, I quit a full-time job with […]

3 years

08.16.13 / no comments

It’s been 3 years to the day since I packed up my car and drove from New Orleans to Los Angeles. This year is a monumental anniversary because this week I started my first full-time job in L.A., when I moved here in 2010 it was for a 4 month contract job and I had […]

Office Supplies

08.09.13 / 2 comments

When I was growing up my favorite time of year was always back to school because it meant I got to pick out new school supplies. As much as I hated middle and high school I always loved getting new notebooks, pens, binders, etc.. Well, even now at age 31 nothing has changed and with my […]