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Jackfruit BBQ


Last night was my first night attempting to make jackfruit BBQ the results were delicious even if we just ate a big plate of brown. My initial plan was to make a more elaborate bowl with a bunch of veggies, sweet potatoes, beans and jackfruit BBQ, but I ended up getting home late and went the easier route of only making 3 things. To complicate things even further I burned my index finger on our cast iron skillet so Scott had to give me a hand while I iced it down. But let’s not dwell on all of that and get to the important matter at hand, the jackfruit, it was soooo easy. I can’t believe how simple it was to make.

I had put off trying to make it because even trying to find jackfruit in L.A. seemed like a task. I asked around and got a couple of vague “I saw it here one time a few years ago” type of leads which were discouraging at first but then a twitter friend (@VeggieAlchemy) told me to check out Bangkok Market on Melrose which was close enough to our house to be worth a shot. Sure enough I walked in, found the aisle with canned items and was greeted by a shelf full of young green jackfruit in cans. I grabbed six and was in an out of there in under 5 minutes.

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Now for those of you who have never lived or visited Los Angeles, you have never known the delicious restaurant Pure Luck which closed it’s doors in 2011 and broke all the vegans hearts (some former employees recently started doing a pop-up so there is hope you can find it again in L.A.). They specialized in jackfruit carnitas and BBQ. It was delicious, cheap, and close to my house. So when I set out to make jackfruit at home I wanted it to taste like Pure Luck so I went googling and stumbled upon this recipe which claims to be direct from the owner. I decided to give it a shot and stuck to the Pure Luck restaurant version instead of the blogger’s doctored version. I didn’t have Mexican Coke so I used sugar and when the carnitas were looking done I added BBQ sauce and stirred it until everything was nice and sauced. It turned out exactly right! We coupled the jackfruit with some BBQ pinto beans and baked sweet potato rounds drizzled with some improvised chipotle ranch. Tonight was a lazy night and my first time trying it out. I’m planning to make Jackfruit again during MoFo and will post a more thorough recipe and hopefully a better looking BBQ bowl.



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