Living a vegan lifestyle

Most people assume that the hardest part about being vegan is giving up meat and more specifically dairy. I hear it all the time when I tell people I am vegan, “Oh I could probably be vegetarian but I could never give up cheese”, what I don’t tell them is that the hardest part wasn’t cutting meat and dairy from my life but actually living a completely vegan lifestyle. I don’t consume, wear or use anything that has animal by-products or support companies that test on animals (or have parent companies that test) which means having to constantly research which shampoos, soaps, makeup, face care, household cleaners, etc. fit those criteria. It’s insanely difficult because things are always changing. This year alone I have switched skin care regimens twice, I was using Origins until Estée Lauder (who is a huge animal tester) bought them. Then I switched to Juice Beauty only to discover that they started selling their items in China which requires animal testing on all products sold in the country (more info).

Luckily there are some pretty great resources to aid you in navigating the ever-changing waters of animal testing when it comes to beauty products. I’m a big fan of both Logical Harmony and Cruelty Free Face as they have both provided me with tons of information about which brands are ok and new companies that I wasn’t aware of. Another great resource are the PPK forums, which is where I turned when I was trying to figure out a new brand of skin care products. After nearly a year of trying to figure out my face and makeup routine, I’ve finally landed on some products that I’m really happy with and are vegan and cruelty free.

Here they are:


1. Derma E – I have mild rosacea and was searching for something to help keep it at bay. I started using their soothing cleanser and oil free moisturizing gel and have gotten great results.

2. Tarte – I just started using their Amazonian clay BB tinted moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen and I really love it. No greasy residue and nice coverage that helps even out my skin tone and mute my rosacea will still being sheer. Not all of their products are vegan but they do have a section on the site to point you to which ones are.

3. e.l.f. –  e.l.f. is great because it’s sold at Target so it’s easy to find. I have their beauty school eyeshadow compact in natural and love it, I’m not a big eye makeup gal so this just gives me a bit of neutral color. All of their makeup is vegan, but the brushes are not.

4. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – I love their lip tars and nail polishes. I’m partial to Interlace for lip tar because it’s just a neutral pale lip color which is usually all the color I’m up for. And for the nail polishes I’m a big fan of Vintage, which is just a great vampy burgundy and Flatline matte top coat. The nail polishes are pretty amazing, they are fast drying and super opaque and usually I can get decent coverage in just one coat.

5. Zoya – I love their Pixie Dust line of nail polishes specifically in Godiva, it’s super long-lasting matte glitter textured polish. I always get 10,000 compliments or questions about it when I wear it.

There are plenty of other great cruelty free and vegan brands out there. Do you have any favorites?


  • Tashina

    Thank you SO much for all the love in this post! <3

    That lip tar looks so pretty. I think I need it! These are all great picks!

  • Erikka Yancy

    Whoa, Cruelty Free Face so much better than Leaping Bunny which still lists Urban Decay as cruelty free. Also, never heard of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Awesome, thanks!

    • Jenn

      It’s really tricky because as I understand it technically Urban Decay is still cruelty free but they were bought by L’Oreal which is a huge tester. That’s why Cruelty Free Face and Logical Harmony are so useful because they tell you that info. Glad you liked the post!

  • kittee

    I love lip tar too, but the darker colors I like are so hard to apply. Elf liquid eyeliner is my jam now that I no longer want to support urban decay. That was such a huge loss for me. I’m sorta interested in the vegan cuts beauty box, but I’m not a fan of not knowing what’s coming cuz I don’t want to waste money. Zoya are my fave nail polishes too and I’m in love with their remover too.


    • Jenn

      I have the same feelings on the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, seems like nice items but I can’t justify spending that much and not knowing what I am going to get. I was jealous of the NCLA nail wraps that came in this month’s box though because I’ve been wanting to try those.

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