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My Favorite Cookbooks + a giveaway!

Every Friday during MoFo I’ll be doing Top 5 Fridays, where I will share 5 Vegan items that I like a bunch. I figured the great place to start would be with cookbooks, I use them all the time because frankly following someone else’s recipe is way easier than trying to figure out my own. I often find myself hungry and at the bookstore browsing Vegan cookbooks and buying them because the food pictures look so good. As a result we have a ton of them and some definitely get more love than others (I’ve actually had to put a moratorium on buying more because I have so many I’ve barely cracked open). These are not only 5 of my favorites but the ones I find myself grabbing the most often off of my cookbook shelf.


1. Vegan Yum Yum by Lauren Ulm – This is easily the cookbook I use most often as a few of our regular dinner recipes are in this book. I’m a big fan of the Marmalade Tofu with Kale and Lemon Pearl Couscous, Hurry Up Alfredo, Mac and Cheeze, Smoky Miso Tofu and more. At this point I haven’t made something out of this book that I didn’t like. I’m bummed Lauren doesn’t blog anymore because her blog also featured a few of my favorite dishes (most notably Sesame Soy Curls with asparagus and quinoa) but there are recipes I still haven’t tried in her cookbook to keep me going for a while.

2. Appetite For Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz – Chances are you know about this book already but it’s my favorite one of Isa’s cookbooks. I love that the recipes are pretty quick and easy and the included the calorie information for each dish. Some of my favorites are: Caulipots, Broiled Blackened Tofu, Mom’s Marinara and Lotsa Veggies Lentil Soup. I can’t wait for Isa Does It to hit the shelves in October.

3. The Native Foods Restaurant Cookbook by Tanya Petrovna – When Scott and I first visited Los Angeles in 2007 we happened upon the Native Foods location in Costa Mesa and our minds were blown, we had never had anything like it in New Orleans. Needless to say, we ate at Native Foods twice in our 3 day trip and purchased the cookbook. Sadly the dish I loved so much, the Mad Cowboy bowl, is no longer available at the restaurant but luckily the recipe is in the cookbook with a ton of other Native Foods classics. I’m a big fan of the Tofu Scrambler and In Thyme for Breakfast Potatoes and make them often for weekend brunch.

4. Real Vegetarian Thai by Nancie McDermott – This is a book that Kittee recommended to me and I’m so happy that she did. Now as you can tell by the title it’s a vegetarian cookbook so it does have a some non-vegan recipes but what’s great is that Nancie often provides substitutes for you in the recipe’s footnotes. This book features my go to recipes for Pad See Ew and Pad Thai and she even gives you recipes to make your own curry pastes!!

5. Tofu Cookery by Louise Hagler – Now this is a classic book for a ton of old school vegans but I just got my hands on a copy last year. My favorite recipes so far are the Lentil Soup, Barbecued Tofu and Tofu Loaf. A few other recipes I’ve got my eye on include the Tofu Spaghetti Balls, Falafel and the Strawberry Tofu Ice Cream.

To celebrate the first week of VeganMoFo I’ve decided to giveaway a copy of The Native Foods Cookbook! The giveaway is open to US and Canadian addresses. To win your own copy, simply post a comment telling me your top 5 favorite cookbooks by 11:59PM Pacific time on Friday, September 13th, 2013, and I will draw a random winner. 

Congrats to Lizzie! You just won a copy of the Native Foods cookbook. I’ll be in touch to get your mailing info!



  • Sarah Hoffman

    I havent’ heard about most of these! My favorites are: veganomican, eat drink and be vegan, vegan cookies take over the cookie jar, vegan dinner, and The Breast of Friends series (a community cookbook raising money for cancer, from my hometown! )

  • Sara (degroenekeuken)

    I’m not participating on the giveaway since I live a little too far away 😉
    But Vegan Yum Yum and Appetite for Reduction are two of my favorites too! I’m specifically addicted to the Hurry Up Alfredo sauce. So I’ll have to check out the other three you mention!

  • Kelly

    1. Appetite for Reduction
    2. Veganomicon
    3. Yellow Rose Recipes
    4. Vegan with a Vengeance
    5. Vegan Cupcakes take of the World

  • Lizzie

    Funny, I don’t own any of your top five yet! My current favorites (it’s always changing, though!) are: Betty Goes Vegan, Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites, Vegan Diner, Cookin’ Southern Vegatarian Style, and American Vegan Kitchen.

  • Sarah


    Appetite for Reduction
    Vegan Cupcakes take over the world
    Vegan Diner
    The happy herbivore
    and the great Vegan Bean book

  • kittee

    I’m not sure how authentic I can be about this, ‘cuz I like so many different cookbooks, yet rarely cook out of any. Plus I’m fickle, so this changes frequently.

    1. My number one will always be The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook, but I’m happy to see you’re liking Tofu Cookery–same publisher and one of the same authors.

    2. Artisan Vegan Cheese

    3. The Prudhomme Family Cookbook (or something else from my NOLA collection)

    4. Viva Vegan (tamales)

    5. Gluten Free and Vegan Bread–I adore the Russian black bread


  • lysette

    I’m looking right at them!

    Vegan A-Go Go- Sarah Kramer
    Get It Ripe- Jae Steele
    Please Don’t Feed The Bears- Absjorn Intosus
    Vegan Brunch- Isa Moskowitz
    Thrive- Brendan Brazier

  • Laura

    Appetite for Reduction
    Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar
    Vegan Planet
    Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A day

    I have so many others, but I rarely open anything besides AFR.

  • Cee

    What an AMAZING giveaway!

    My five favs are:

    How it all vegan
    Garden of vegan
    La Dolce Vegan
    and Vegan with a Vengeance

    Love Sarah and Isa 🙂

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