My Social Media Hiatus Has Ended

It’s been nearly 30 days and today I dipped my toe back into the social media waters by re-installing Instagram on my phone. How did my social media hiatus experiment go? I found that I missed using Instagram the most, realized that I get most of my information and news from Twitter and did not miss Facebook at all. Sadly, I didn’t get to accomplish as many things as I hoped mainly because most of my free time was spent working. But I did find not having social media to distract me did help me focus more on my work and made me take a harder look at what I want to be doing in the next 5-10 years. Overall, not using social media at all felt very alienating. I had no idea what friends were doing if I wasn’t hanging out with them and I missed out on knowing about at least one event that I would have liked to attend. I did enjoy not being glued to my phone or computer screen all the time and I think that I may try a similar experiment over the summer when I am not so crazed with work to see if I can get some projects accomplished but I don’t think I will ever take such a severe break from it again.

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