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When I was growing up my favorite time of year was always back to school because it meant I got to pick out new school supplies. As much as I hated middle and high school I always loved getting new notebooks, pens, binders, etc.. Well, even now at age 31 nothing has changed and with my new job starting on Monday I’ve spent the past few days browsing office supplies on the web. I’m hoping to find a few things that could help make my new desk space feel like my own (also, I am a crazy OCD person who has a compulsively organized desk with no clutter so I’m always on the lookout for extra inboxes and file sorters to make everything orderly).

Here are the few items that have quickly risen to the top of my wish list:


1. Tube in Tube by OYOY
2. Stickies Memo: Cats from Muji
3. Ace Pilot Stapler from School House Electric
4. Stikit Tape Dispenser from Fab
5. White Inboxes by Poppin
6. Monography Planner from Poketo
7. Peach and Black Geometric Mouse Pad by Think & Ink Studio

What do you do to make your desk feel more like your personal space? Do you have any favorite desk items?


  • Vegyogini

    I, too, always loved school supplies! I have 2 magnet boards on my wall at work. One features favorite quotes and art and the other holds photos of my nieces and nephews. On my desk itself, I have a little altar of dried rose petals and crystals (currently carnelian, tiger’s eye, and citrine). A little iPod dock sits on my desk, as well.

    The items you chose for your new desk are fantastic! Wishing you lots of luck at your new job.

  • dfm1981

    I remember when you would make me take you to Office Depot in Gretna because they had better pens to select from than K&B. In grade school, you always were ready to go back to school in August.

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