• Adventures

    Mt. Baldy Ski Hut Adventure

    Last weekend we hiked up to the San Antonio Ski Hut on Mt. Baldy for Shawn‘s birthday. I was very worried about this hike because even though it was on the shorter side, only 3 miles, it was all up hill with a 2200’ foot elevation gain the biggest elevation gain I have done. Luckily we were sleeping at the Ski Hut which means we had less gear which meant a lighter pack. The initial ascent was rough but after that it wasn’t too bad and Shawn even commented that it was the most chipper I have even been on a hike (aka normally I am a huge complaining mess). It was a…

  • Goals,  Personal


    It’s a new year! While I roll my eyes often at the idea of new year’s resolutions, I do enjoy making lists! These are the personal goals I hope to achieve over the next 12 months. ADVENTURE – I went camping for the first time on NYE 2014 and have since been on 7 other camping trips. I want to do more in 2015 and with my goal being to go on 10 or more adventures this year. We are already off to a good start as we have two trips in the works. TINYLETTER – a few months ago I started a TinyLetter to try to stay in better communication with friends…

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    Salton Sea Birthday

    To celebrate my birthday this year, we decided to take a trip to the Salton Sea. The weather was perfect and the campsite was nearly empty so it was like we were all alone out there. We stayed at the New Camp in the Salton Sea State Recreation Area and found a great campsite beneath some trees so we got plenty of shade in the morning once the sun came up. We went and explored the beach by the campsite which is covered in barnacles and fish bones. It’s the most bizarre thing to see so many whole dead fish just sitting on the beach. And then took a trip down…

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    November in Death Valley

    To celebrate Alix’s birthday we went to Death Valley National Park. It was the perfect time to go, there weren’t big crowds and the weather was lovely. We stayed at the Furnace Creek campsite which offered a bit of shade and greenery considering we were in the desert. We visited the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Natural Bridge, Badwater Basin, Zabriskie Point and Artist’s Drive. Artist’s Drive was absolutely my favorite. It’s a 9 mile drive through beautiful multi-hued volcanic and sedimentary hills. I really didn’t want to leave it was so beautiful. I can’t wait to go back and see the rest of the areas and sites in the park.

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    Labor Day in Yosemite National Park

    Over the Labor Day holiday, we went on our first 2 night camping trip to Yosemite National Park with Shawn, Alix and our pal Dilcia. Shawn managed to snag us a spot at Housekeeping Camp at the very last-minute so we had a nice little retreat with a few more creature comforts that usual. It was such a lovely trip. We hiked up to the top of the Vernal Falls. We rented bikes and rode around all the bike paths throughout the Yosemite Valley stopping to swim at several points along the Merced River. We went to Mirror Lake and walked around the dry river bed at sunset. We also…

  • Personal,  Work

    Work is a four letter word

    My friend Shane, turned 35 today and quit his job. He posted about it on his website. When I read it, it made me think about my job change from earlier this year. I haven’t written about it but it seems like maybe now is a good time to share. In May, I quit a full-time job with benefits created just for me to go back to a seasonal job that employs me 7 months out of the year. Luckily Scott is the most supportive person in the world, so when I told him how I was unhappy and wanted to leave, he asked what I would want to do instead. The answer was simple, return to my old contract…

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    Backpacking in Big Sur

    Last weekend, we ventured to Big Sur to hike the Vincente Flat Trail in Los Padres National Forest with our adventure pals Shawn, Alix and Kyle. Don’t let the name fool you this was definitely our most strenuous hike so far as the trail ascended 1800 ft to our camp for the night but it was also the most picturesque with constantly amazing views of the Pacific ocean. During one break to admire the scenery we were able to see a whale breaching the water far off on the horizon. Once we got to camp, we made some dinner and had some cake to celebrate Kyle’s birthday before getting in our tents…

  • Food,  Travel

    Bay Area Food

    I had so many food pictures from our trip to the Bay Area that I decided they warranted their own post. The last time I visited the Bay Area Cinnaholic did not exist and I was anxious to try it. Given our limited time we only had a few chances to eat out and so we ended up hitting up Cinnaholic twice in the span of one hour and then grabbed some on the way out-of-town. Seriously I didn’t understand how good cinnamon rolls could be until I had these. Every combination we tried was delicious but my favorite was either almond icing with strawberries or just a simple orange iced roll.…

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    Fourth of July Trip

    It had been over 4 years since Scott and I took a vacation together so we decided to take a 4 day trip to the Bay Area over the Fourth of July holiday. We had only been there once before in 2007 and wanted to explore the area more while also checking out Santa Cruz along the way and take the scenic drive down the Pacific Coast highway. We stayed at the Hotel Durant in Berkeley which while being a cute little hotel also had cruelty free toiletries which I was super excited to discover. It was a really nice but short trip and made me anxious to take a longer vacation soon.…

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    Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

    I finally went on my second camping trip, this time we went backpacking in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks with our pals Alix, Shawn and Kyle. We hiked the Redwood Creek Trail and Hart Tree Loop in the Redwood Mountain Grove. About 4 miles in we set up camp to spend the night. Scott and I packed a ton of food (according to Shawn maybe too much) and enjoyed a nice warm dinner in the darkness after we got our camp set up. We even heard an owl give us a hoot! Despite my insect phobia flaring up when it got dark, it was a blast and we are already planning…