Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

The gang on top of Moro Rock

I finally went on my second camping trip, this time we went backpacking in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks with our pals Alix, Shawn and Kyle. We hiked the Redwood Creek Trail and Hart Tree Loop in the Redwood Mountain Grove. About 4 miles in we set up camp to spend the night. Scott and I packed a ton of food (according to Shawn maybe too much) and enjoyed a nice warm dinner in the darkness after we got our camp set up. We even heard an owl give us a hoot! Despite my insect phobia flaring up when it got dark, it was a blast and we are already planning a second backpacking trip for next weekend. Here are some photos I took with my Konica Autoreflex TC 35mm camera and a few that Shawn took with his Canon DSLR.

Me and Scott at the end of our backpacking trip.
Tons of tiny plants growing on a fallen tree.
Untitled These two guys grew into each other,, making them look like some sort of Jim Henson tree creature with legs.


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