Social Media Hiatus

I just deactivated my personal facebook again, I did this once before and it lasted about 3-4 months. Why did I delete it? Because I find myself spending too much time compulsively checking it even after taking a break previously. Over and over again I hit refresh to see what new things people are posting. Why? Who knows! I don’t even particularly care about 80% of the content I’m looking at on facebook but still I sit there and scroll through it every couple of hours all day long. It needed to stop so I deactivated my account. I also have some larger issues with facebook as a whole, I don’t like what the site has become which is why I have deactivated my account as opposed to just taking a break. I have found it incredibly useful for some things but I will just need to find new ways to accomplish those tasks.

But deleting facebook from my life isn’t just what this post is about. It is definitely the catalyst for my self-imposed hiatus from social media but not the only reason I am doing it. I spend too much time on social media, I’m always checking twitter, instagram and pinterest, spending long amounts of time scrolling through and seeing what others are doing with their days and lives. While I’m quite frankly doing a whole lot of nothing on my end. This break is an attempt for me to get more things done with my life. Also it just so happens that it’s one of the busier times in my work calendar which requires me to spend a lot of my free time working unfortunately so I’m hoping this break will help me be more focused on my job. But I’m also hoping it will help me tackle so many projects that have laid by the wayside due to my lackadaisical habits. I have sewing projects I want to start, new recipes I want to try, books waiting to be read and new adventures I haven’t even planned yet. Hopefully this will help. Fingers crossed.

It starts today and ends on March 15. I’ve deleted the apps from my phone and removed the bookmark tabs from my browser. I will still be pushing my blog posts to both twitter and the Olivier and Kingsley facebook page (because I know many of you come here from those places) as I’m hoping not sharing so much on social media will also give me more things to blog about.


  • Augustine

    I agree with your decision! When I made an effort to not use or look at Facebook, my productivity increased 100 fold! I’ve thought about deleting my account but can’t sever those ties just yet. I like getting in touch with people and checking in here and there but the long periods of time scanning statuses had to stop. I deleted the app from my phone about a year ago and it helped so much.
    Good luck!

  • ileniamartinilenia

    what you’re doing it’s pretty amazing. a year or so ago I found myself in the same situation, without any specific reason I’d find myself checking facebook every half an hour without even being interested in the content I’d get. It took some serious willpower and mindfulness to stop that horrible habit. good luck with this one! x

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