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Kitchen Wishlist Items

This week’s top 5 are the items on my wish-list for the kitchen. I’ve survived for a long time without them so I guess I really don’t NEED them but I feel like each of these items will make my life easier and my food taste better (that’s how kitchen appliances work, right?)


1. Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker – This has been on my wish-list for as long as I can remember. Sure I make rice all the time in a pot and it comes out fine but this thing has advanced technology that will figure out when my rice is done for me. How cool is that?!?!

2. Cuisinart Pro Classic Food Processor – This is probably the next item I will buy when I have some spare cash which will probably be never but a gal can dream. Every time I read a recipe that says to use a food processor I cry on the inside. I’m sure there are work arounds and for some of them I figure it out but there have been a few that I just know would have come out better if I had one.

3. Le Creuset French Oven – Another one that has been on the list for a while, I do consider this one to be more of a need than a want because the largest pot I have is 2 QT and sometimes I need something bigger and if I’m going to buy a bigger pot, I might as well go for the best, right?

4. KitchenAid Stand Mixer – Ok well technically I already had one of these but the last time Scott made a king cake for us, it died in the process. I have read that we might be able to fit it ourselves and I’m going to explore that option soon BUT I would like to upgrade to a better model and get one in lovely gray metallic.

5. Breville Fountain Crush Slow Juicer – This is definitely way down on the list but when I was doing the juice cleanse a few months back I would have loved to have this. We have a VitaMix but I do like to have a nice pressed juice because sometimes I don’t want all that pulp!

What items are on your kitchen wish-list? Do you have any of the above items? Do you love them?




  • Susan Geeeee

    I hate to say it Murby, but if you get married you can register for stuff like this and people will GIVE it to you!

  • luminousvegans

    #1 and #2 are definitely appliances that I use regularly. We bought the rice maker ourselves and it’s nowhere near as fancy as the one shown but it gets the job done and doubles as a steamer. The food processor was a gift from Neal’s parents for the holidays once I think. And I don’t have any of the other appliances though I would love a Kitchen Aid Mixer.

  • Lizzie

    I couldn’t live without my food processor. My sister-in-law gave me one about, oh, nine years ago. It was one of those $30 models, but you wouldn’t have known it. I just replaced it last month – and not because it stopped working, but because I dropped the bowl part one too many times… 🙂

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