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My Origin Story for Vegan MoFo

I’m super excited to blog as part of VeganMoFo this year. I’ve signed up twice before but flaked right away both times. This time I have a plan and will not accept defeat! I’m really looking forward to this month and will be sharing some of my staple recipes, favorite vegan products, foods and cookbooks, and a few more surprises. I thought a great way to kick off my Vegan Month of Food would be to tell you how and why I became Vegan.

I started dating my boyfriend Scott in 2002 and he had just gone Vegan right before we met. I had some other Vegan friends at the time and over the course of that first year or so I learned about all the horrible things that happen to animals on factory farms. It was enough to make me go vegetarian around September of that year. However, I was an insanely picky eater which led to a crazy unhealthy diet of mostly processed cheese products. Finally in June of 2004, after a few missed attempts I decided to commit to Veganism and have never looked back. Another big milestone was around April 2006 when Scott’s co-worker at the time Kittee invited us to a newly organized a monthly Vegan potluck, which was really great in helping me broaden my horizons in terms of what types of foods and cuisines I was eating and what I was capable of cooking.

It’s interesting just how much my diet has evolved over the past nine years, when I initially went vegan I was eating a ton of fake meat products and now those types of things are rarely part of my everyday diet. I subsist mostly on proteins like tofu, tempeh, soy curls, quinoa and beans now, and occasionally will eat things like Gardein Crispy Tenders or Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs when I’m in a rush or feeling lazy. I’m very happy with where my Vegan diet is now, aiming for a more whole food based diet with as little refined sugar and as minimally processed as possible.

What is your vegan origin story? Has your diet evolved over the years?



  • kittee

    Hi Jenn! I’m so happy to see you’re participating this year! I went vegan in December 1990 after backpacking with my two best friends from college for 6 weeks. I had been vegetarian for two years, and when I got home, I was so disgusted at myself for existing on nothing but bread and cheese for the duration of our trip. I had already ready Diet for America, and I wasn’t happy with all my dairy consumption, but it was really hard for us to find vegetarian food in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. There wasn’t a ton of vegan processed food back then, plus I worked in a NFS, so I don’t feel like I’ve ever relied on that stuff super much. I definitely eat more salads, whole grains and smoothies these days and much less peanut sauce.


  • luminousvegans

    Just stumbled on your blog via kiteekake. Happy Vegan MoFo! This is my first time as well. Last year was a flop as I did not join in time and even when I tried to blog frequently, it was an epic fail. I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

    • Jenn

      I feel like this time I’m going to make it because I planned out 20 posts. And now with Kittee’s shout out I feel like I have to do it!! I hope you make it too and Happy MoFo.

  • The Peace Patch

    Hiya Jenn. I did a similar vegan journey. I went vegetarian in college and somehow survived a ridiculous string-cheese-almost-every-single-day phase to become a vegan a year or two after college. It was a challenge only because there wasn’t much of a selection of vegan products so I had to learn to cook easy vegan meals. That’s pretty much my only mastery in the kitchen…which probably explains why I’m lovin’ raw vegan foods more and more. Less cooking makes me happy. 🙂
    Happy MoFo!

  • Amey

    Hi! Happy MoFo!i hope this year is more fun and successful for your blogging ambitions! I went vegan about 12 years ago, though I dabbled in it for a few months before that. I didn’t even know about veganism, until I met two vegan friends at work, and within a pretty short time, I was a vegan! I love being vegan so much.

  • CupcakeKitteh

    Happy MoFo! My diet has definitely changed, my idea of vegan dinner used to be plain tofu, mushrooms, and baby spinach but now I eat so much variety 🙂

    • Jenn

      I was such a picky eater before that I would only eat a few things when I went vegan but now I eat so much more even though I’m still a little picky (I just started liking hummus!!).

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