Weekend Getaway in Sequoia National Forest

Zumwalt Meadow

This past weekend we went camping with friends at the Princess Campground in Sequoia National Forest for our friend Kyle’s birthday. Our pal Shawn snagged 2 great campsites with ample space for 8 of us which allowed us to spread out a bit. We were able to see a few sites in both Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks including the Grant Tree, Roaring River Falls, Hume Lake, and Zumwalt Meadow, where we saw a mother bear and cub from a fairly close distance. We also attended a Birds of Prey presentation at our campsite which included a Red Tailed Hawk, Great Horned Owl and Screech Owl. I was super excited to see the owls close up as they are birds that have always fascinated me. Even though we explored many areas of the parks we also had some down time at the campsite where we told each other embarrassing stories, made lots of vegan food (Daiya mac and cheese…mmmm) and played a few games of Werewolf which we got super into and got yelled at by the campsite ranger for making too much noise. Ooops! On our way back home we stopped off at Pixley National Wildlife Refuge where we saw two jackrabbits from a distance. Besides a brief low point on Saturday night where my Entomophobia kicked into high gear after Scott spotted a spider on my shoe, this was a great trip shared with friends. I hope we can go another adventure in August before work takes over my nights and weekends.

Untitled Giant Sequoias!
Scott and Alix at Hume Lake
Baby bear!!!
Screech Owl Great Horned Owl
Roaring River Falls
Untitled Untitled
Pixley National Wildlife Refuge

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