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Work is a four letter word

My friend Shane, turned 35 today and quit his job. He posted about it on his website. When I read it, it made me think about my job change from earlier this year. I haven’t written about it but it seems like maybe now is a good time to share.

In May, I quit a full-time job with benefits created just for me to go back to a seasonal job that employs me 7 months out of the year. Luckily Scott is the most supportive person in the world, so when I told him how I was unhappy and wanted to leave, he asked what I would want to do instead. The answer was simple, return to my old contract job and the job that brought me to Los Angeles in the first place, I was proud of my work there, was a vital member of a small team and honestly really loved the people I worked with. Also my job just happened to be available. But I knew realistically that probably wasn’t a real option because of the full-time job with benefits I was giving up. But again, Scott being amazing said do it and we would figure all the scary stuff out. It was really that easy, I mean sure I debated it for a few weeks and we really talked more about the scary stuff but after that first real conversation my mind was made up. When I told some close friends the decision, a few of them thought I was crazy. And when I announced I was leaving, many of my former colleagues couldn’t understand why I would leave if I didn’t have a another full-time job lined up.

Now here are some of the realities of what my decision meant, the aforementioned “scary stuff”: I was and still am the primary contributor to our household income (this will be changing soon but was not known at the time) so this was a huge financial gamble. Technically, my new job pays more per-paycheck that my full-time job so I’m taking home more money now but come December I have no paycheck. I was also the person who got us both healthcare at very little cost and that also disappeared when I quit. Now we have both lived without health insurance before so that one was less scary but it still sucks. I currently have a chipped tooth that has started bothering me but no dental insurance and limited funds mean that it’s not getting looked at anytime soon.

But I still have absolutely no regrets about the decision I made. Overall, I’m much happier when I come home each day from work, even stressful days are nothing compared to how depressed I felt earlier this year. Sure the beginning of next year is going to be a bit scary, I don’t have another job lined up and we are banking big on Scott’s new promotion filling in the gap and hopefully it will but if it doesn’t we will figure it out. I’ll get a minimum wage job, I’ll go find a short contract job somewhere or something. But I couldn’t let that fear, keep me locked into something that made me very unhappy. And you know what, the last time I did something like this (yes I have taken this risk before) I left a very stable and prestigious job in New Orleans to move across the country to Los Angeles for a job that was only for 3.5 months (it’s the job I went back to FYI) and everything worked out then too. So I am not stressed about it.

So why write about this now? Well like I said above Shane’s post got me thinking and I wanted to share my story. Maybe it will help you take the same kind of leap and find something better. You know what you are worth as a person and if a job is making you miserable I say do something about it. Also I just hate all of this pressure to have a full-time job and wanted to put it out there that maybe you don’t actually need one.

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